Printing and paper

digital & letterpress explained and a note about paper

Why should I use digital?  What’s so great about letterpress? Why can’t all of my paper be double thick? Buckle up buttercup! We’re about to drop some knowledge.

Paper Weight


We offer two paper weights to choose from. Single ply is a 120 lb. paper while double ply is a heavier 220 lb. paper. Both provide a luxurious feeling with a light texture.

Paper Color


We offer two paper colors to choose from.Our white paper is a crisp, ultra-white, while our eggshell is more of an off-white.

We recommend using a double ply weight for your main invitation and keeping all other inserts single ply. A double ply main invitation gives your suite an elevated look, while all other inserts printed on single ply paper keeps your envelope USPS friendly and not too heavy.Other items that pair well with double ply:. 

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