In the Studio


Olivia was always doodling and watercoloring as a child. Design was a way to capture this creative energy , ultimately leading her to study architecture.

In 2013 she received her Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from Clemson University. She later received her Masters of Architecture from the University of Florida. While working in the architecture field, Olivia came to the realization that art and graphic design were her true passions.

In 2019 Olivia left the architecture to persue what is now known as Trout!  "Work" has never been so fun, and fufilling. 

When not in the studio, Olivia enjoys exploring parts of Old Florida, drinking a good cup of coffee, and picking flowers with her son, Lee.    


A Sarasota native, Charla grew up in the sun and wild weirdness of Florida. After her education at Full Sail University, she worked as a freelance graphic designer for 7 years, and worked on branding, identity, packaging, wedding invitations, websites and everything in between. Charla joined the Trout team in 2022. Her happy place is walking through a foreign city with Harrison, talking about their kids and drinking a coffee.